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Leona Gets Her Tight Ass Nailed Hard

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Leona had only just moved in to her new place when a guy came over asking if he could be her new pool cleaner. Leona liked the look of him that was for sure but she wasn’t really thinking about having him clean the pool, she was thinking of him fucking her tight dark hole instead! Leona invited him inside for a drink while they talked about him possibly coming to work for her, but really it was all part of Leona’s plan to get him to turned on to want to leave. As they chatted she laid her hand on his thigh and soon enough she saw his overweight cock getting harder and harder.

Leona didn’t have to explain to him that she had a chubby rod of her own because as he ran his hand up her thigh he wrapped his fingers around her bulging she dick and she could see his own dick getting harder by the second. Leona pulled him outside to the patio and she lay back on the cushions and begged him to whip out her plump rod and he just couldn’t resist. Before they could stop themselves they were sucking and fucking each other by the pool!

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