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Month: January, 2016

Beware of reviews of free adult dating sites

There are tons of free adult dating sites on the Internet. In fact there’s so many of them that more and more fans of this type of online adult entertainment are checking with free sex dating review sites. They think that these review sites are objective. They think that by reading the reviews and making buying decisions based on the reviews they would be making better use of their time. I’m sorry to disappoint these people, but they’re completely gullible and clueless. The sad reality is that most reviews of free sex dating sites flat out suck.


They suck not because they are badly written or they have bad grammar or faulty sentence construction. No. They don’t suck because of those things. They suck because they suffer from conflict of interest. That’s right. Even if a review looks like it was written by William Shakespeare I still wouldn’t follow that review’s advice. Why? That reviewer makes money when I click on a link and I go to a free adult dating sites show. The free adult dating sites website may not pay the reviewer directly for me registering an account, however, they would pay that reviewer once I talk to the other members. Do you see how this works out?


Nine times out of ten the reviews being dished your way are actually aimed at promoting a certain site at the expense of a website that you should be going to like . So beware of this conflict of interest. It can lead to you wasting a lot of time. It can lead to great disappointment in the future.