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I’ve watched more than my share of porn over the years. If I added up all the hours I’ve spent in front of the computer jacking off, I’d be ashamed of myself, I’m sure. I’ve visited hundreds of sites over the years. I’m the kind of guy that tries to keep an open mind and never knock something until I’ve tried it. That philosophy has taken me to some pretty wild sites over the years. When I found out I could take 12% off Futanaria with our discount, I thought what the hell, I’ll give it a whirl.

This is a site like I’ve never seen before, which is saying a lot when you consider some of the wild stuff I’ve watched over the years. What you’ll find here are absolutely gorgeous girls with these giant cocks that are able to squirt. Tessa Treetrunk, Miranda Milksalot, Pandora Pendulum, Bonnie Boneher, Hannah Hornball, Kandy Kuntpunt, Brooke BeaverBeater, and Sophie Serpentine are just a few of the sexy sluts making up the roster here. This site is completely unique and hot as hell. 

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I love unwinding after a long hard day by taking a shower, climbing into bed, and stroking my cock to some high-quality shemale porn. With so many choices out there you’d think that might be an easy task, but I’m a bit of a porn snob so I won’t jerk off to just anything. I want the best of the best, and that’s why I recommend TS Seduction if you want the same.

TS Seduction has the biggest names in the industry like Yasmin Lee, Natalie Mars, Venus Lux, and Eva Lin just to name a few. These scenes are shot with the best possible production value so you feel like you’re being hypnotized by all the toe-curling action. Being part of the Kink Unlimited network, you’ll get your fill of BDSM as well. And when you sign up, you’ll get access to all 25 of their sites for no additional cost!

99 Reasons and That’s Just Page 1

And so I ask you to tell me why this okay while I tell you why I feel it’s not.

First up, I have no issues with gay people or anyone else based on their gender except for shemales and here’s why:

I believe and accept that we are born with which gender we relate to in our minds and that it happens that sometimes some people are born as one gender in their being and the opposite gender’s body. I can not begin to imagine how hard it must be for someone like this and can very well understand that such a person would wish to undergo a sex change so that they can be free to be who they were born to be.

Some people are born bi-sexual and have more or less equal attraction to both sexes. There is no relationship to the previous point, this is a matter of sexual attraction.

Then there are shemales/trannies, guys that get tits, but keep the dicks and behave like girls in public. Nobody is born to be a shemale, go talk shit in someone else’s ear.

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I have zero experience with trannies in real life and I want to say that I’ve never met one or interacted with one either and it is exceptionally likely considering where I live, but when I see a shemale like this, clothed of course and in public, I can’t say that I’d be able to realise that it’s not actually a woman.

And at this point every tranny and SJW is having a shit-fit because “OMG! She is a real woman!”. Calm your tits, not everything is an assault on humanity.

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There are some tranny sites out there that much more accurately reflects what the every day shemale looks like, those that you can spot is off like last season’s veggies from a mile away. This site is not one of those, this site would make you believe that all trannies look like beautiful women if you ignored the package in their pants.

The Epitome of Indecision

Shemales has to be the epitome of indecision, I just can’t make any sense of it any other way.

You’re a guy who wants to be a girl but then you want to keep fucking girls with a dick and so you end up just never going theough with the complete sex change. And don’t come and throw some “I’m bi-sexual” line at me, it’s weak and it’s bullshit. Bi-sexual people don’t feel the need to have 50% of a sex change done. You’re a freak and it’s as simple as that.

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Good gawd it’s a fucked up world we live in these days.

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I’ve never been a fan of condoms. Of course, I understand the necessity of them, but when I’m watching porn, I don’t want to see them. When I came across this $9.99 discount access to Shemales Get Barebacked; I couldn’t sign up fast enough. These beauties are absolutely stunning and have massive cocks to go along with their larger than life sex drives.

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I’ve visited hundreds of Tranny sites over the years and I can honestly say this one surpassed any expectations I may have had. The babes are gorgeous and their cocks are enough to make anyone envious. Deals this good don’t come around every day though, so I recommending snatching it up now.

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One of my favorite parts of my year is when I get to travel. Immersing myself in new cultures is great, not to mention all that foreign exotic ass I get. And that’s not a pussy joke. I literally mean ass, because shemales are my main obsession. They make me want to extend my vacation another week or two.

When I’m not traveling I get my fix from this site called Brazilian Transsexuals. The name should give you a hint as to why I love it so much. No one is hotter than Brazilians, so you know this brand of shemale is top-shelf. No ass can beat a Brazilian one! And no porn site can compete with this one either.

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Watch, Connect, Fuck

I’ve been an avid viewer of Tranny porn for quite a while now, and I couldn’t believe it when I came across this porn review. It just sounded too good to be true. I had to check it out and see for myself.

I’m happy to report that the site was every bit as good as the review stated. This is so much more than just a Tranny porn site. It’s a community. Yes, there’s a ton of hardcore videos to watch, but there’s so much more than that. You can watch the hottest webcams I’ve ever seen in my life. My favorite feature is the option to make your own personal profile. You’re able to connect with other viewers and chat it up. If you’re looking for the real deal, there’s even a link to a dating site where you can meet others and see where things go. You have to be 24 to take advantage of that feature though. No matter what you’re looking for, I suggest you search here first and save yourself a bunch of time.